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Know Your Body

Get to know your body. Learn how it works and how it can heal itself. Listen to experts in the field and understand the miracles that your body performs every moment of every day to keep you alive.

Diet and Longevity

Learn the healing power of food and how to use it as medicine in your daily life. The time-tested science of herbs, oils, and other therapies. Know the latest discoveries, on diet and longevity. 

Cleansing & Healing Food Preparations

Play in the kitchen. Improve your intuition and heal your body and mind. Learn to prepare delicious, cleansing, nutritious and healing foods. Transform your health and become a role model to your loved ones.


Ayurveda - The science of life. An ancient healing system that is a true health care. It cares for the entire being. Its aim is to restore balance so healing on all levels can take place spontaneously. 

Growing Your Food

Get inspired and learn how to grow your own healthy, organic and very local food in your own garden, balcony or any available space. Grow in ground, in raised beds or in pots and take your health and vitality to the next level

Chanting. Devotional Practices

Learn the power of sound, prayer, concentration, and devotion, all mixed in one through the practice of chanting. devotional practices. in any tradition ensure that your heart is open and  in the right place, always.

Inspiring Music

Music is magical. It affects you and influences the health of your body and mind, without any effort on your part. Listen to relaxation music, meditation music, concentration music and inspirational music all day long.

Inspiring Movies

A collection of inspiring, uplifting, heart opening and mind expending, important movies and documentaries. It is natural to be influenced by everything you are exposed to, Pick good things to be influenced by.