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Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize. Be good, Do good, Be kind, Be compassionate. Inquire "who am I" Know thyself and Be Free. "Sivananda"

Welcome to OMline HQ

Your Healthy Living and Spiritual Practice Center

Message from OM

Welcome! OMline sacred space, is designed for your well-being. You are now at OMline Headquarters, the gate to a network of sites, meant to educate and train you in the science of Radiant health and self-realization. You deserve to be healthy, happy, fulfilled, and Free of any limitations. Physical, mental, and spiritual. Knowledge is power! But knowledge combined with practice leads to wisdom which can transform your life for the better. We are here to serve your needs in any way we can. You are welcome to join any of our free webinars, browse around the different sites, join an online or offline event, retreat, or workshop, or contact us for a private conversation.

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Life Transforming Mentorship Programs

Transform with OM is a health and spiritual mentorship program. You chose what you want to emphasize. However, for a long-lasting real transformation to take place it must start from within and therefore must be holistic, so we always work on all aspects of your being. Your physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. Only aspirants with strong commitment to their wellbeing are accepted to any of the mentorship programs. This will be assessed in our free consultation. As a mentee you get to learn and practice privately, one on one and with like-minded people. You get to ask questions and get advice on time-tested solutions. My Goal in working with you, the health and spiritual seeker is to not just inform and train you, but most importantly, to hold you accountable! There is nothing that stands in the way of those who practice regularly, with the right attitude and the right guidance. Success is yours if you want it.

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Free Webinars

Health. Longevity. Diet. Exercise. Concentration. Meditation. The Mind. And more.

OMline Network

OMline Ashram Academy

Practical Teachings for Radia Health and Self-realization.

OMline Academy

Welcome to OMline Academy. Get the education, inspiration, motivation. and training for a life of Radiant Health and Self-realization.

Through practical wisdom, and time-tested teachings, you will have all the tools you need for a complete transformation. You will learn to Self-Heal, master your mind, and live a rich and fulfilling inner life. You will improve the quality of your life in all aspects and experience a greater sense of wellbeing.

The best part of your life in every way, begins the moment you take charge and assume responsibility for your health and happiness. The moment, you understand it is up to you to be healthy and free of all limitations. The moment you realized that you want more out of life! Better health, Mental clarity, positive outlook, and attitude, peace of mind, unconditional love and happiness, a greater sense of spiritual and physical freedom and a burning desire for wellbeing. 

In that moment, you reclaim your power, and become independent! You begin to look for solutions and seek guidance. OMline Academy, is where you come to learn, that anything is possible, and all the doors are open. It is where you can the guidance, direction, and support to become the Master of the life you were born to live.

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OMline Ashram Academy

Support on your journey to Radiant Health and Self Realization

OMline Ashram

Welcome to OMline Ashram.

Here you will find the tools, the support the inspiration and the company of like-minded, health and spiritual seekers like yourself. Our events, retreats and activities online or on location in Kauai, are meant to develop your health and spiritual wellbeing. You deserve to live a more, meaningful, purposeful, peaceful, balanced, healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

I invite you to join me in the space of radiant health and self-realization and through practice and grace, Step by step, consciously create, the vibrant and beautiful life you were born to live!

Ashram Entry
OMline Ashram Academy

Transformation on every level and in every aspect of your life

OMline Diet & Lifestyle

Welcome to OMline diet and lifestyle! Radiant Health is your Birthright! Without good health, life cannot be fully lived, enjoyed, or appreciated. With the right tools, regular practice, and guidance, you can transform every aspect of your life. Learn to self-heal your body, your mind, your spirit, and your finances. When your physical, mental, and spiritual health gets better, your relationship with yourself, others, and money, are healed too. I wish you an inspiring journey to a healthier and happier you.


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OMline Ashram Academy

Cleanse, heal, rejuvenate, energize,
and renew yourself

OMline Retreats

Welcome to OMline retreats! A time dedicated only to your health and wellbeing. A time to cleanse your body and everything else that does not serve you well. A time to relax, rejuvenate and renew yourself in every way. Real change can only come from within. Transformation is a result of practice, insight, experience, and the formation of new healthy habits. A retreat is an opportunity to get the tools you need to enjoy the best quality of life, regardless of age and current conditions. It is a great start to a healthier and happier life, but it is only the beginning. After the retreat you may have a lifetime support through a privet online group. You may travel to a retreat on Kauai or enjoy a home retreat program at your favorite location. I look forward to meeting you at a retreat and until then, be well.

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OMline Ashram Academy

Everything you may need for Healthy Living and Spiritual Practice

OMline Mall

Welcome to OMline Mall! A health and spiritual shopping center, for health and spiritual seekers. A ONE STOP SHOP for all your Healthy living and Spiritual Practice needs. Enjoy the healthy living Headquarter, the sacred bookstore, the inspiring fashion boutique, the spiritual practice store, the beautiful home decor, and the Art gallery. At OMline mall, conscious shopping is made easy. Everything is healthy, vegan and mostly organic. Every item is carefully chosen to benefit you on the path to radiant health and self-realization.

have a happy and inspiring shopping experience.

Mall Entry
OMline Ashram Academy

Books That Transform Lives. Health & Spiritual Book in Print Digital, Audio

OMline Publishing

Welcome to OMline Publishing! Every book that we publish is a practical, helpful guide to master your body and mind, and remember your true essential nature. Our books intend to expand awareness and assist you in managing any challenge that may come with being alive. They are Inspirational and instructional in nature and are packed with the necessary tools to reduce and eliminate suffering. They are all about improving the quality of your life and your wellbeing. They provide support, clarity, knowledge, and training, of a time-tested wisdom. Surround yourself with positive influencers in the form of Books, eBooks, and Audiobooks as they may proof to be your best friends on the path to Radiant Health and Self Realization. May your spirit soar to new heights daily and may your wisdom be shared by many.

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OM TV Is Your Health and Spiritual Inspirational TV 

OM TV Channels

Know Your Body

Get to know your body. Learn how it works and how it can heal itself. Listen to experts in the field and understand the miracles that your body performs every moment of every day to keep you alive.

Diet and Longevity

Learn the healing power of food and how to use it as medicine in your daily life. The time-tested science of herbs, oils, and other therapies. Know the latest discoveries, on diet and longevity. 

Cleansing & Healing Food Preparations

Play in the kitchen. Improve your intuition and heal your body and mind. Learn to prepare delicious, cleansing, nutritious and healing foods. Transform your health and become a role model to your loved ones.


Ayurveda - The science of life. An ancient healing system that is a true health care. It cares for the entire being. Its aim is to restore balance so healing on all levels can take place spontaneously. 

Growing Your Food

Get inspired and learn how to grow your own healthy, organic and very local food in your own garden, balcony or any available space. Grow in ground, in raised beds or in pots and take your health and vitality to the next level

Chanting. Devotional Practices

Learn the power of sound, prayer, concentration, and devotion, all mixed in one through the practice of chanting. devotional practices. in any tradition ensure that your heart is open and  in the right place, always.

Inspiring Music

Music is magical. It affects you and influences the health of your body and mind, without any effort on your part. Listen to relaxation music, meditation music, concentration music and inspirational music all day long.

Inspiring Movies

A collection of inspiring, uplifting, heart opening and mind expending, important movies and documentaries. It is natural to be influenced by everything you are exposed to, Pick good things to be influenced by.

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