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Your Cleansing and Healing Retreat Awaits You

Kauai Healing Retreats are specially designed to restore balance in every area of your life, by implementing time with tested methods. You may customize your retreat to include Yoga classes, Meditation (Satsang), a vegan raw Alkaline Diet menu, educational/inspirational workshops, consultations, massage and more. Kauai Retreats are designed for optimum cleansing, nourishing and nurturing of your body, mind and spirit. You will return home inspired, rejuvenated and enthusiastic. You will have all the right tools to lead a healthy lifestyle. Chose the level of guidance below. Have your own self directed retreat, an all-inclusive privet or group retreat or even host your own retreat. We can accommodate your every need.


  • A room for two
  • Use of the Yoga/Meditation hall
  • Ability to customize your retreat with add on programs and activities to suit your needs.


  • Accommodation and food
  • Consultations, Teachings, Practical guidance.
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Fresh juices, Raw food cooking workshops
  • Airport Pickup and Dropoff 
    The ability to customize your retreat to suit your needs with add on programs and activities.


  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Raw Food 
  • All inclusive program (Accommodations not included)



OMline Ashram, Complete Health and Spiritual Transformation Retreat.

Return to Balance. Relax, cleans, nourish, nurture, invigorate, energize and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Rediscover yourself and the opportunities in your life. Get in touch with your purpose and calling. Invoke the necessary inner motivation, enthusiasm and energy to act upon it.



Yoga is a science of Healthy Living and High Thinking. It is a path that leads from separation, loneliness and misery to Spiritual Unity, Peace and unconditional happiness. It strengthen you in every aspect of your being. Regular ptice of Yoga asanas combined with a Raw food diet, Meditation, positive thinking and relaxation is an ultimate recipe for a long, happy and fulfiled life. It is a sure way for success in life and SELF-Realization.


    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Increased Circulation
    • Longevilty

Enjoy the Island on your free time

Plan your retreat well. we are here to help you customize your retreat to your current needs. Relax at the beach, enjoy the sights, join a day cruise, hike or be adventurous. We will help you customize the perfect retreat. 

Kauai is a paradise with so much to see and do…





Juice Fast

Beach Time



Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening culminate at the summit of Self-Realization when the sense if a separate individual melts away. When the separated drop becomes the entire ocean, when the true meaning of unconditional love reveals itself. However, it begins when one feels that there is more to life than just existing. When the fundamental questions such as who am I? What am I doing here? Why there is suffering and more must be answered. At this point, one becomes a Seeker of Truth. The ancient practices of Yoga can scientifically lead to a full spiritual awakening and the wisdom that comes with it.

Guests Testimonials

“When people around me asking me how I succeeded to do it, I always tell them about you-It has been the great fortune in my life to know you and receive guidance from you. True, in the beginning it was not so easy, but you were there all along supporting me anytime I needed you and I have been telling everyone proudly about my current state of health and well being. Thank you my dear, I warmly recommend to anyone who wants to live a healthy life to enjoy the wonderful opportunity to be guided by you. Thank you-with all my heart, love,” !!!



“As we arrived the first thing that captured my heart was the aloha spirit. I wasn’t sure what people meant when they talked about it but upon arrival at the retreat I just felt it. Such a deep sense of love and open heart. we were welcomed so beautifully that i right away felt at home. My sister and I enjoyed every moment. Cleansing and learning so many new things…Especially we enjoyed the fantastic raw food. Wow that was such a treat. We did not know what to expect since we are not even vegetarian but the food was so delicious and we felt better and better as the days went by. Thank you OM and Alex for your attention and teachings,”



“Thank you so much…For a transformational time. I really needed it…I came for a week and ended up staying for two weeks. I came exhosted and went back home rejuvenated. I even manage to loose weight. The teachings , especially for me, the positive thinking workshop was a key to my transformation. Finally i feel like i am incharge on my life. It gave me a sense of freedom. I can go on…But again i just wanted to say thank you to you and Alex for everything you are…I will be back”



Self Directed Retreat

For Health and Spiritual Aspirants
Per Night
  • Accommodations for 2
  • use of Yoga and Meditation hall
  • Customize your retreat with activities. Not included
  • Request Raw vegan meals or supplies. Not included.
  • Request Airport pickup and/or Dropoff. not included
  • We can help you book your flight, car and adventures on Kauai- not included

All Inclusive Privet Retreat

Cleans, Heal, Awaken your higher Self
7 Days Retreat
  • Accommodation 1-3 people. It is the same price for 1 or 3 people so bring your dear friends and pay less.
  • All meals and  juices for 7 days
  • One Yoga class a day
  • One meditation session a day
  • Practical teaching and instructions on healthy living for optimum results
  • Raw food cooking workshops
  • Consultations
  • Guidance and training on your most important subjects or pressing issues concerning your healthy living and spiritual practice
  • 1 Massage
  • We can help you book your flight, car and adventures in Kauai – Not included

Group Retreat

Cleanse, Heal, Awaken your higher Self
7 days Program only
  • All meals and  juices for 7 days
  • One Yoga class a day
  • One meditation session a day
  • Daily Practical teaching and instructions workshops on healthy living for optimum results
  • 1 Privet consultation
  • Guidance and training on healthy living and spiritual practice to maintain your wellbeing at home.
  • 1 Massage
  • We can help you book your flight, car and adventures in Kauai – Not included
  • We can help you book your hotel room-Not included

Health is Wealth, Peace of mind is Happiness


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