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OMline Alkaline Diet and Lifestyle

Welcome to OMline Diet and Lifestyle

A practical path to Radiant Health.

OMline Diet & Lifestyle

Welcome to OMline diet and lifestyle! Radiant Health is your Birthright! Without good health, life cannot be fully lived, enjoyed, or appreciated. With the right tools, regular practice, and guidance, you can transform every aspect of your life. Learn to self-heal your body, your mind, your spirit, and your finances. When your physical, mental, and spiritual health gets better, your relationship with yourself, others, and money, are healed too. I wish you an inspiring journey to a healthier and happier you.


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About OMline Diet and Lifestyle Teachings and Trainings

Raw Alkaline Diet for

Healing Body and Mind

Nothing heals like the power of raw, live fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, wholesome oils, and seaweed. The material portion of that food is constantly rebuilding your body. Giving every newborn cell the right nutritional building blocks to maintain optimum health. The energetic portion of that same food is responsible for the quality of your thoughts. A diet rich in living foods produces a calm, focused and clear mind. 

Alkaline Lifestyle for

Longevity & Happiness

The OMline Alkaline lifestyle training is all about taking control of your life from within. Master your mind. Master your body. Reconnect with your own divine self. You will be trained to live a rich inner life. When you are anchored within your own true nature of unconditional love and light, there is nothing in this life that can throw you out of balance. Any practice that bestows a sense of peace, relaxation and wellbeing is a practice that helps alkalize your body and heal you on all levels. It makes you flexible, adaptable, and strong, so nothing can break you. At most you will be bending due to circumstances and be right back at your core center when life's storms pass by. 

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OMline Path to Radiant Health

Know Your Body

Get to know your body. Learn how it works and how it can heal itself. Listen to experts in the field and understand the miracles that your body performs every moment of every day to keep you alive.

Diet and Longevity

Learn the healing power of food and how to use it as medicine in your daily life. The time-tested science of herbs, oils, and other therapies. Know the latest discoveries, on diet and longevity. 

Cleansing & Healing Food and Preparations

Play in the kitchen. Improve your intuition and heal your body and mind. Learn to prepare delicious, cleansing, nutritious and healing foods. Transform your health and become a role model to your loved ones.

Detox Modalities

Detoxing regularly must be on everyone's Todo list nowadays. The amount of toxins in our environment, at home, and in our food is overwhelming. The overlooked, parasite infestation that are a cause for so many symptoms are another problem. To be healthy sometimes we must stop all the engines and allow our body to reset and heal itself. Proper Detox will not only heal the body, but it will also clear your mind and uplift your spirit.

Hatha Yoga and Pranayama (Breathing exercise)

Both Hatha Yoga and Pranayama (Breathing exercise) have a tremendous healing effect on the physical body by restoring balance and improving circulation, flexibility, mobility, and many more beneficial advantages. However, both practices play an even greater roll in your spiritual growth as they balance the energy flow, purify the energy channels, center and quite the mind and bestow peace upon the practitioner 

Exercise and Movement for Health and Longevity

There are many exercise styles and regimens but not all exercise are equal when it comes to your health and longevity. Learn to use the right exercise for your body, physical condition, and ability. Incorporate movement and exercise that are best suited your personality, lifestyle and goals.  

Ayurveda and other natural healing systems

Learn the art and science of getting your body and mind back to optimal function with Ayurveda, and other natural time tested and proven, ancient healing systems from around the world. Use knowledge to heal yourself. By restoring balance, healing on all levels can take place spontaneously. 

Natural Treatments for Body and Mind Disorders

Natural treatments for body and mind disorders that you can prepare at home right in your kichen. Learn to be self-sufficient and Self-reliant. When you learn to heal yourself, your confidence strengthen and a greater sense of independence sets in.

Growing your Food

Get inspired and learn how to grow your own healthy, organic, and very local food in your own garden, balcony, or any available space. Grow in ground, in raised beds or in pots and take your health and vitality to the next level

Relaxation and Sleep

Relaxation and Sleep are two of the most neglected yet most important practices that must be mastered to ensure good physical and mental health. 


Chanting opens your heart and connects you to the divine. It brings a profound sense of joy, bliss, enthusiasm, and happiness. Chanting in any language and of any tradition is a heart opening practice that develop love and devotion. 


Chanting opens your heart and connects you to the divine. It brings a profound sense of joy, bliss, enthusiasm, and happiness. Chanting in any language and of any tradition is a heart opening practice that develop love and devotion. 

Satsang - Group Meditation and Chanting

Satsang means…Being in the company of truth. Either in the company of a teacher that represent the ultimate truth, Seekers of truth or books written by Self realized masters. The results of regular Satsang are inspiration, motivation, Joy and a sense of happiness and spiritual awakening.

Positive Thinking, attitude and success in life

Positive thinking and positive attitude lead to success in everything you do in life. Both materially and spiritually. Your attitude determines your altitude or how high you can soar. At every viewpoint you reach in life, your outlook will be different. You will see and understand reality in a different light. Change your mental environment and everything that you wish for will be yours. Learn to manifest the life you wish to live. Become a master of your destiny.  


Concentration is the Key to Success in Life and Self-Realization

Concentration leads to Meditation. Focus on one thing succeed in everything

Learn to master the restless mind and direct your attention to your true nature. A sure way to always find what you are looking for. no matter what you may think it is. When you are focused, that which you wish for finds you. The more focused you are the faster your wishes, desires, hopes and dream manifest in your life. Concentration is the only key for the door of your happy, abundant, prosperous, meaningful life as a free being. All so called Meditation technics are in the beginning nothing more than different styles of concentration technics. Practice concentration regularly, experience that inner power of peace, love, and joy and create miracles in your daily life. Benefits from Concentration, Peace of Mind, Clarity, Purpose. and Spiritual Connection


Meditation is where you finally find yourself

Meditation is your natural state of being it cannot be taught or given. It is revealed in its own when you remember yourself. All spiritual practices leads to the state of constant meditation.

That state of meditation is a result of beeing able to maintain a one-pointed mind until all mental modifications subside and the true nature of yourself is revealed. Where real happiness is found.

Raja Yoga - The Path of Mind Mastery

Raja Yoga or the royal path, also called Ashtanga Yoga. A path of eight limbs that leads the aspirant through practical teachings and much practice to Meditation, super conscious state and spiritual liberation also called Self-realization. The path of Raja Yoga is very detailed and contain complete guidance to master your body and mind and succeed in life. Both materially and spiritually.  

Jnana Yoga - A direct path to Self-Realization

Jnana Yoga-The direct path to Self-Knowledge and Self-realization. Learn to divert your attention, thoughts, concentration, passion, energy, and everything you've got to remember who you are in essence. To the one permanent truth that permeates all of creation and above. learn to ask the right questions so the right answers reveal themselves spontaneously.

Bhakti Yoga - The Path of Love and Devotion

Bhakti Yoga - the path of love and devotion is the most suitable path for most aspirants nowadays. Its practices invoke unconditional love and much joy. Bhakti Yoga leads to Self-Realization by purifying and expending the heart to experience the Divine everywhere and in everything. It gives birth to knowledge of the absolute truth.

Karma Yoga - The Path of Selfless Actions

Karma Yoga - The path of selfless actions. Through selfless service, purification and sublimation takes place. Transformation from darkness to light and self-knowledge occurs. When actions are performed without any attachment to their fruits or consequences, the aspirant is anchored in the eternal all permeating one pure consciousness. Karma Yoga leads to Self-Realization through right actions and right attitude.  

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